Monday, December 18, 2017

Paracas Textiles Returned to Peru

'Peru recovers 79 pre-Hispanic textiles illegally kept in Sweden', The Local Sweden, 15 December 2017
Peru has recovered 79 pre-Hispanic textiles that have been illegally located in Sweden since 1935, the ministry of culture said. In 1935, Swedish ambassador to Peru Sven Karell acquired the fabrics hailing from the Nasca and Paracas cultures and took them to Sweden illegally – anonymously donating them to The Museum of Gothenburg, according to the Peruvian government. [...]  In 2008, the Gothenburg Museum of World Culture held the exhibition "Paracas: A Stolen World," prompting Peru to begin investigations and in 2013 begin the process of recovering the items. The recovered goods will be kept by the Ministry of Culture's General Directorate of Museums for conservation, and displayed in 2018.

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