Friday, November 7, 2014

Tlingit Totem Pole to be Returned

A Tlingit Totem Pole totem pole stolen from Takjik’aan (Tuxecan), Prince of Wales Island decades ago  seems to have been taken from the site by actor John Barrymore in May 1931 during one of several yachting trips to Southeast Alaska, sawing it off at ground-level, leaving just a stump.
  Barrymore died in 1942, and the totem pole was bought by Vincent Price (" who had a degree in fine art and an interest in “primitive art”....") . It was then deposited in three pieces  in  the Honolulu Academy (later Museum) of Art,
Though the pole has been sawed down, sawed into pieces, cemented and bolted together, altered, showed off and hidden away [...]  the process to return the pole home to Tuxecan is underway. The Klawock Cooperative Association has been in contact with Honolulu Museum of Art Director Stephan Yost about repatriation of the pole — the board of directors voted to repatriate to Klawock and the pole is being prepared for shipment. 
Melissa Griffiths, 'Stolen totem pole comes home', November 5, 2014

UPDATE 24th October 2015

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