Thursday, September 12, 2013

Recent Discussions on Holocaust Art

William D. Cohan ('The Restitution Struggle: Malaise, Indifference, and Frustration', Art News, 11th September 2013), discusses recent developments concerning the return of art confiscated during the Holocaust to the heirs of those who were forced to relinquish it. Decades after the effort began, hundreds of thousands of artworks and other objects looted from victims of the Holocaust have yet to be returned to the owners or their heirs
“There is an enormous amount of work yet to be done,” concludes Webber, and other experts agree. “It’s 80 years after Hitler came to power and this still has not been dealt with. I think that’s a sign of the problem. I think it shows how much it means to people,” Webber says. And “it’s an indication of how much resistance there still is to providing justice after all these years.”

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