Friday, April 26, 2013

Stop Britain's Possession of the Looted Parthenon Scultpures !

"Let the world protest and shout that the Parthenon Marbles belong to Greece and that it is time for the Houses of Lords and the Commons to immediately pass a law for their return if a shred of decency is to be left behind in this whole shameful affair. The Greeks have engaged in endless rounds of civilised dialogue, sent delegations and ministers to Britain and attempted to find a chink of humanity in the stony and arrogant hearts of the British Museum's administrators and in the corridors of Whitehall - in vain. The time for dialogue is over, as it was one day for British colonialism"

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  1. It appears there is no sense of shame left otherwise these objects would have been returned long ago. Most people would agree that it is morally and legally indefensible to hold on to looted, stolen objects or objects acquired under dubious circumstances. Yet there are in the field of arts many are proud to defend the holding of looted artefacts such as the Benin bronzes. The same shameless position is taken by some respectable persons towards the Parthenon Marbles which even the British Museum recognizes as undoubtedly Greek.