Saturday, August 18, 2012

Lord Elgin Loots London

The independent movement for the repatriation of the stolen Greek sculptures and art has produced another thought-provoking presentation, under the title: “If Elgin had been in …”
The series of pictures shows what would have happened if Lord Elgin had not only been to Athens but to plunder other cities of the world as well. The pictures aim at raising awareness among the public and the authorities about the catastrophe Lord Elgin wrought upon the Parthenon. [...] The Greek artists are attempting to compare the Greek monument’s looting to what could have been inflicted on other major sites and statues around the world, if their most treasured possessions had been stolen. The last picture depicts the Parthenon in its current state and the caption reads “…but Elgin went to Athens”.

Source: Stella Tsolakidou, 'If Elgin was in …” Rome, London, New York, Paris, etc.', Greek reporter August 7, 2012

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